Blink leaving Nissan’s No Charge to Charge Program



According to my favorite Electric Vehicle news-ish website, InsideEV’s (, the Blink Network will cease to be part of Nissan’s No Charge to Charge program effective April 23, 2016. This is a major bummer for those of us in Tennessee as the Blink network has the most charging spots in Tennessee.


Nissan’s No-Charge-to-Charge program information can be found out at This program started a few months after I procured my 2013 Nissan Leaf, and therefore I have not been able to participate in the program.nnThe middle-Tennessee market has three major EV charging networks:

  • Blink Network (owned by Car Charging Group)
  • NRG EVgo
  • ChargePoint

My experience withe three networks is as follows:

  • EVgo network of fast (DCFC) CHAdeMO chargers is the most well maintained in the area. I have never encountered one of their Level 2 (L2) charging stations (EVSEs).
  • ChargePoint’s L2 charging stations seem well maintained and the equipment seems quite durable. There are few around
  • Blink’s network, while prolific, is the least well maintained and least reliable. Area drivers routinely mention problems on community app/website

To be fair to the Blink network I was able to successfully drive from Franklin, TN to Chattanooga, TN and back using their stations in the summer of 2014. The route between Murfreesboro, TN and Chattanooga, TN does seems to be the most stable on their network.

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