Nissan LEAF: My Top 5 Favorite Things

After nearly 11 months of driving a Nissan LEAF and 5600 miles logged, I thought I should share my 5 favorite things about this BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

  1. Instant Torque… this baby can really zip around town, especially when not in ECO mode.
  2. Runs solely on Electricity!
  3. Low Maintenance.
  4. Climate Control* and Heated Steering Wheel & Seats (all seats)
  5. Lots of cargo space.

* I find the climate control particularly great because you can schedule the days and time for it to come on. For instance M-F, 10 minutes before you have to leave for work. Additionally the with the CarWings App, you can turn the climate control on with your smart phone. Last, but not least, if your car is plugged into your EVSE (charger), and you turn the climate control on from your phone or schedule it, the car will draw power from the charging unit rather than your battery, thus conserving driving range.