New site coming soon!

Good news, I am in the process of transitioning away from BlogCFC. I am still debating between WordPress and Blogger.

Blogger seems fairly simple and right down to business with few frills and add-ons. Which for someone that infrequently blogs (like me) it might be ideal. WordPress on the other hand has a lot of options, add-ons, style packs, and a lot of articles on managing.

So the last few years, I have been pretty covered up with family, work, and just living. But I do have several topics that I think would be good to expand upon.

Some upcoming articles will likely include:

  • Long term review of Tesla Model 3. I have owned one for close to two years now. I still love it, but feel I should give a run down of that.
  • Experience with Paint Protection Film.
  • Experiences with 3D Printing.
  • Personal coding projects — I have a few in mind, and am thinking I will blog about the progress or bumps in the road.
  • Role Play Game system reviews.